The development of Leying

1992: A group of people visited Japan to investigate the production technology of instant food and fast food

1993: Strategic cooperation with South China University of Technology and Tianjin University of Science and Technology to jointly develop the technology and equipment for the production of instant food and fast food

1995: Re-visiting Japan, introducing and digesting Japanese technology, and cooperating with relevant institutes of the Ministry of Light Industry to make major breakthroughs in rice cooking technology and equipment

1996: A production base of 30,000 sets of self-heating rice and microwave dishes per day was established. Advanced sterilization and preservation technologies were used for both products, and quality guarantee period was up to 6 months.

1998: Huge investment in importing complete set of central kitchen equipment and technology from Japan

1999: Trusteeship of a student nutrition meal factory in Beijing for nearly one year, making the enterprise the first batch of student nutrition meal enterprises formulated by the municipal government in Beijing, and the following year won the honor of advanced production enterprise of student nutrition meal awarded by the municipal government.

2001: Implementing advanced concepts such as dry water-saving operation in foreign fast food production into equipment selection and plant design

2002: Successfully passed ISO 9001, 2000 international certification. Complete sets of fast food production equipment and engineering design are increasingly taking the lead in the domestic counterparts, and the sample project has doubled.

2003: Leying automatic rice cooking line and dishwasher constantly replace foreign brands in the domestic market

2004: The domestic market share of rice cooking line reached 70%, and dishwashers were exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Japan, Europe, America and Australia.

2005: The delegation visited Japan again, studied the most advanced automatic rice cooking technology in the world, and successfully realized the technological renewal.

2006: The first dishwasher with dryer was successfully developed, which filled the domestic gap and successfully entered the market.

2007: Nanjing New Factory was officially launched, covering 360 mu, investing 480 million RMB, introducing more than 100 sets of international advanced processing equipment. It was put into use in September 2007 and has become an international first-class manufacturing base for central kitchen equipment.

2008: Successful development of a series of breakfast equipment

2009: Completely improve equipment technology to make equipment more perfect, energy-saving and environmental protection

2010: We have successfully undertaken more than 60 central kitchen projects in Shenyang Railway Administration, Dalian and Changchun, Ningbo Haoweida, Foxconn Science and Technology Group (Wuhan, Yantai, Shenzhen, Chengdu), Xi'an Ancient Capital Breakfast Project, Eastern Airlines, ZTE, Suning Electric Appliances, etc. We have built the largest “Brunch Central Kitchen Project” and the first 'High-Speed Railway Catering Central Kitchen Project' in China.

2011: The first fully automatic rice cooking line '7-11' convenience store developed by Leying was successfully used in Shanghai Supply Center. We have more than 200 customers of large group enterprises, more than 80 customers of fast food enterprises, more than 300 customers of colleges and universities, and more than 20 customers in other fields.

2013: News Broadcast: Zhuji 'Central Kitchen' cooks 110,000 reassuring nutritious meals. It is reported that the Central Kitchen in Maoyang, Zhejiang Province was built by Leying. The Central Kitchen planned by Leying helped Shanghai Xiangeqing enter the group dining industry successfully.

2015: The Chinese Culinary Association awarded the certificate of 'Central Kitchen (Nanjing) Technology Research and Development Center' to Leying. Leying cooperated with Shandong Jindeli Group, which is the top 20 fast food industry in China, to establish the most advanced central kitchen, which has achieved the distribution of 15,000 student meals and more than 200 semi-finished products. And it has taken over 100,000 central kitchens per day produced by PITI Group of Thailand.

2016: The Leying Industrial Park project was officially launched. The project covers an area of 50 mu. In the first phase, 20,000 square meters of factory buildings, office buildings, R&D centers and procurement of related advanced equipment will be built. The construction of Leying Industrial Park provides a strong support for the further development and industrialization of the Chinese central kitchen. It is a solid foundation for Leying to maintain the first brand of domestic central kitchen equipment and to move towards international brand. The construction of Leying Industrial Park is another turning point, a new step, a new challenge and a Chinese food equipment distribution center in the airport industrial park. It is expected to be completed in 2018.

2017: The group company 'Nanjing Lehui Light Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd' successfully listed in the IPO, in the same year, Nanjing Leying won the title of 'high-tech enterprise'.

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