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Key Points of Central Kitchen Planning and Construction? 2018 - 10 - 20

Key Points of Central Kitchen Planning and Construction I – “First market, then factory”: The scale and function of Central Kitchen must be market-oriented and follow the principle of moderate scale and investment.


Key Points of Central Kitchen Planning and Construction II - 'Product Design Priority': In the planning stage, priority should be given to variety, output and technology. What exactly should we do? How to do it? What to do? Define the demand, do a good job in product design, and achieve a targeted goal.


Key Points of Central Kitchen Planning and Construction III - 'Product Modular Design': Establish a reasonable product series structure, and decompose the product into a variety of standardized modules, carry out different combinations, form product series and product family, to achieve the goal of product diversification, rapid production, innovation and simplification.

The role of central kitchen in group food enterprises? Answer: I. Characteristics, Difficulties and 2018 - 10 - 20

1. The production scale of group diet is large. Whether it is enterprise meals, College meals, primary and secondary students’ nutritional meals, or social group meals, the production scale is more than 5,000 units per class, or even up to 10,000 to 100,000 of units per class. Due to the expansion of production scale, the supply of raw materials, storage and cutting allocation increase accordingly; the quantity of heating conditioning, meal allocation, distribution, tableware washing and disinfection storage become very huge, which is a huge system of intensive procurement, intensive processing and intensive distribution.

2. Food safety and hygiene is the lifeline of group food enterprises. With the expansion of production scale, how to ensure food safety and hygiene has been one of the difficulties of group food enterprises. Because of the requirements of color, aroma, taste, shape and heat of fast food, it is difficult to match, control and guarantee the production time, distribution time and consumption time of group food, which has become the second difficulty of group food production.

3. There are many kinds of Chinese dishes and the cooking technology (stir-frying, boiling, steaming, frying and roasting) is very complicated. Can the mechanized and industrialized production of group meals be realized in the end? Can the preservation and taste of green vegetables be solved technically? It has always been a puzzle for group food enterprises.


II. Current status of kitchens in Group Catering Enterprises

At present, the kitchens of group catering enterprises are mostly in the condition of front stores and back factories. In front of enterprises, there are catering stores, and in the back, there are production rooms. This kind of kitchen is small in area and simple in equipment; the division of kitchen area is not standardized, and the logistics and human flow channels are generally indistinguishable; the storage, cleaning and cutting of raw materials often rely on suppliers; the function of kitchen is mainly embodied in cooking and simple packing, in addition to satisfying the catering of the front store, the remaining products are distributed to the outside world. Due to the restriction of facilities and equipment, it is difficult to expand the production scale of this type of group food enterprises, and it is difficult to guarantee food safety, hygiene and product quality. This type of group food enterprises, accounting for about 80%, mainly distributed in the social dining and primary and secondary school dining halls.

In addition, there are some group catering enterprises with a certain scale of production, a certain cutting center (or supplier supply), and an independent cooking and distribution system. However, the kitchen is limited in scale, lacking of systematic production technology and equipment, and the production of products is still mainly manual, so the quality of products is difficult to guarantee. This type of group meal enterprises, accounting for about 10%, mainly distributed in Colleges and enterprises group meals. Such group catering enterprises often face the renovation of kitchens to meet the needs of consumers.

There are also 10% of the group catering enterprises with large production scale (output value of more than 10,000 copies), standard central kitchen, clear production area, complete functions, advanced production technology and equipment. These enterprises have generally passed the ISO9000 and HACCP demonstration, established a sound quality assurance system and food safety and health assurance system. For example, our customers are Beijing Du Limeng Food Co., Ltd., Beijing YamiYami Student Nutrition Meal Distribution Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baosteel Staff Meal Center, Nanjing University Meal Center, Shenyang Ximi Nutrition Meal Distribution Co., Ltd., Fushun Xiaotaiyang Nutrition Distribution Center, Harbin Miqi Taishi Nutrition Meal Co., Ningbo Fulewa Fast Food Distribution Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Riwei Health Food Co., Ltd. The central kitchen of group food enterprises has reached the international advanced level.

How to find your company's instructions? 2018 - 10 - 20

Answer: Please go to download center and download it directly.

What are the classic products of Nanjing Leying? 2018 - 10 - 20


(1) Leying rice cooking line adopts the latest cooking technology in Japan and develops a rice washing method to reduce the loss of nutrition and damage of rice according to the characteristics of different rice; to ensure the full gelatinization of rice; a precise metering water distribution device for rice; an adjustable linear flame burner; a unique single-power three-dimensional bend speed-adjustable transmission system; and to fully meet the needs of different rice. The cooking technology not only has a high rate of rice production, but also makes rice with delicious nutrition, luster and elasticity, which is favored by users.

(2) While guaranteeing the quality of cooking, Leying rice cooking line continuously introduces advanced technology, adopts water-saving rice washing mode, effective energy-saving stereo stewing structure, innovative drawer-type, anti-running slack rice machine, fully embodies the concept of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, continuously reduces the operating cost, and keeps pace with the world's advanced level.

(3) Leying rice cooking line is an ideal equipment for mass production of high-quality rice with reasonable equipment configuration, flexible combination, automatic continuity, simple operation and labor-saving.

How to be an agent? 2018 - 10 - 20


Please check our official website: Service Center - Agent Distribution.

Or Sales Hotline: 025-52733701

What technical services can you provide? 2018 - 10 - 20


(1) System design: According to the civil construction situation, the relevant drawings of the canteen and the requirements of the tender for system design provided by you, the designers of our company will provide the preliminary design scheme for your reference.

(2) Expansion design: After bidding for this project, our company will provide a complete set of technical information required in the tender, and send technical personnel to cooperate with the design unit to complete the detailed design of the construction drawings. After on-site investigation by our company's relevant technical personnel and your suggestions on the improvement of the system design, a detailed, feasible and reasonable layout plan of kitchen equipment is drawn up.

(3) Technical submission: Before installation and construction, our company's technicians will provide detailed construction and installation drawings, and make detailed technical submission to installation and construction personnel.

(4) Installation and construction: In the process of installation, according to the installation of your embedded parts, we will send several experienced technicians to the site for supervision and guidance. It also dispatches construction teams with corresponding qualifications, holds certificates, and dispatches technicians to cooperate with the civil construction site to verify the work surface.

(5) Technical guidance: Our Company will send professional technicians to the scene for technical guidance and service in each period of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale.

(6) Completion Documents: After the completion of installation and acceptance, our company will prepare detailed completion documents and submit them to you according to the documents and records formed in the process of design, manufacture and installation.

(7) Technical training: We will send skilled and healthy technicians with more than five years of professional experience to conduct free on-site training for the operation and maintenance of your related technical personnel. The kitchen equipment you need will be trained and instructed by our technicians during the installation process and at all stages after the installation.

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