Service Case

Agency advantage

1. Brand Strategy

'Because of specialty, so outstanding' - Leying brand’s strategy has been constantly upgraded, new product strategy, multi-channel and multi-directional infiltration, many times a year to visit and learn. Bring international high-quality equipment into every catering enterprise in China.

2. Brand Promotion

In terms of brand promotion, no matter twice a year, the Central Kitchen Exhibition, the Central Kitchen Consortium Exhibition, the Central Kitchen Construction and Development Forum, the University Conference, the Central Kitchen Japan Exchange and Investigation Mission and other media exposure, accurately lock the target customers of Leying Kitchen, give full play to the brand effect and influence, and win market opportunities for national agents.

3. Innovative R&D

Leying has been focusing on Chinese food habits for 27 years. Its 'Zhonglian (China) Central Kitchen Research Institute' is the only central kitchen research and development center in China. Secondly, Leying cooperates closely with Chinese Cooking Association, China Agricultural University, Yangzhou University and excellent experts at home and abroad.

4. International Design

Leying has a top product design team in China. Whether it is single-machine equipment design or central kitchen design, Leying has absolutely strong core competitiveness.

5. Operational support

From consulting to finalizing cooperation, Leying has a series of support from headquarters. Selection of prototype equipment, market analysis in the operating area, training of product knowledge, training of sales personnel and installation of after-sales personnel, etc. Establishment of a composite professional operational elite team, one-to-one assistance to agents. In order to enhance the operational capacity of agents and promote the performance growth of Leying kitchen agents.

6. Service Guarantee

Leying set up a 24-hour 400 service hotline. There will be after-sales service outlets all over the country. Headquarters and various service outlets provide 24-hour response service to solve the after-sales problems for agents in time.

Agency conditions of Nanjing Leying

Qualification requirements

1. the most mature local kitchenware company with sales channels has independent sales, installation, after-sales and technical personnel;

2. Identify the corporate culture and brand strategy of Nanjing Leying.

3. Market elite engaged in kitchen utensils or related industries; good social relations in local business circles; good personal accomplishment and ability to lead teams.


Agent process

01. Pre-agency Preparation: Understanding Brand Development and Industry Market Development

02. Application for Agency Qualification: Understand the conditions, requirements and methods of agency and fill in the Intention Agency Form

03. Assessment of Agency Qualifications: Comprehensive Assessment of Intentional Agents’ Qualifications, Strength and Industry Experience

04. Agent Field Survey: Regional Manager - Field Survey Confirmation, Company Photos and Operations; Investor (Corporate Person) - Come to our company to inspect factories and communicate in depth.

05. Intention to cooperate: Sign the contract and get the support of our company.

06. Opening Exhibition Hall Planning: Equipment Selection, Exhibition Hall Planning

07. Placing orders for prototype and decoration of exhibition hall: placing orders for prototype equipment of exhibition hall and decoration of exhibition hall

08. Acceptance: Acceptance, then issuance of Leying's 'Authorization Certificate'

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