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  • Serious internal friction materials
  • Employment costs rise
  • Inefficient work
  • Dishes taste can not be unified
  • Operating costs continue to rise
  • Management confusion
  • Down the supply difficulties adapter
  • Quality cannot be supervised

Central Kitchen

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Central kitchen is the product of catering industrialization. It is composed of hardware system of equipment and facilities ...
According to format: group catering industry central kitchen; fast food chain enterprise central kitchen; chafing dish chain...
Reflections of Intensive CharacteristicsEmbodiment of Standardization CharacteristicsEmbodiment of Specialized Characteristi...
Fully consider inward logistics, outward logistics and reverse logistics, three-way logistics are coordination and harmony;D...
According to their functions, they are usually divided into: raw material pretreatment area, heating conditioning area, rice...
Key Points of Central Kitchen Planning and Construction I – “First market, then factory”: The scale and function of Central ...

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Highlights central kitchen do?

  • Central Kitchen Planning Point 1

    First market, there are factories

    Central Kitchen Planning Point 1

    First market, there are factories

    The size and function of the central kitchen must be guided by the market, follow the appropriate scale, investment principles modest.

  • Central Kitchen Planning Point 2

    Product design priority

    Central Kitchen Planning Point 2

    Product design priority

    In the planning stage, priority should be given to varieties, yields and processes. What are you going to do clearly? How to do? What to do? Make clear the needs, do a good job in product design, and be targeted.

  • Central Kitchen Planning Point 3

    Product modular design

    Central Kitchen Planning Point 3

    Product modular design

    Establish a rational portfolio structure, and decomposition products for a variety of standardized modules, different combinations to form a series of products and product family to achieve product diversification, production fast, simple innovation of purpose

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  • Large group company meal

    Large group company meal

  • College meal

    College meal

  • Social group meal

    Social group meal

  • Student nutrition meal

    Student nutrition meal

  • Other


Jinrui Central Kitchen

Central Kitchen

Turnkey projects

1. Real-time absorption of the latest international technology and localization, to provide you with stable performance, advanced technology equipment. 2. Carefully inspect and integrate the relevant equipment suppliers of the central kitchen project to provide you with the 'turn-key' project of the...


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  • Zhonglian (China) Central Kitchen Research Institute    PresidentChina Cuisine Association Central Kitchen (Nanjing) technology research and Development Center    General ManagerCentral kitchen promotion group of China Cuisine Association          Deputy LeaderCentral Kitchen Research and Development Center of China Culinary Association    Former General ManagerChina WISCO Fast Food and Beverage Company             Former General M...
  • Planning, Design and Construction of Central Kitchen in Taiwan    Senior ExpertTaiwan Weideng Engineering Co., Ltd.    General ManagerShenzhen Weideng Engineering Design Co., Ltd.    General ManagerFoxconn Technology Group    ConsultantFood Industry    Professional Consultant
  • Director of Traditional Food Processing Equipment Department, Institute of Agricultural Products Processing, Chinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesChief Scientist, Innovation Team of Traditional Food Processing Technology and Equipment, National Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation ProjectVice-Chairman of Equipment Sub-Technical Committee of Agricultural Processing Standardization Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of ChinaSecretary-General of Soft Packaged Food Branch of China Canning Industry Association
  • Hon Hai (Suzhou) Food Technology Co., Ltd.    Director of Supply ChainWon KFC Lifetime Honor 19 Years Golden Pot Award for New Product CreativityWon the title of National Cooking MasterWon the Global Best Creative Title awarded by American Quick Food HeadquartersExpert on Food and Education Culture Promotion
  • China Agricultural University    Vice-School Level (National Level 3)Renmin University of China    EMBA, Senior EngineerChinese Group Meal Professional Committee    Senior ExpertShanghai Xinxin Intelligent Energy Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.    CEO
  • Chinese Cuisine Association    Vice PresidentChina Cuisine Association fast food Specialized Committee    DirectorBeijing Hehegu Catering Management Co., Ltd.    Chairman
  • Jiangsu Cuisine Research Institute    Deputy DirectorJiangsu Cuisine Association    Standing DirectorChina Cuisine Association    Director


Service Process

  • Early investigation
  • Factory location
  • Overall planning
  • Graphic design
  • Equipment selection
  • Acceptance
  • staff training
  • Installation
  • Equipment supply
  • Overall budget
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