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  • Adhering to the talent concept of 'attaching importance to morality, talent, knowledge and growth', we should create a talent environment of 'guaranteed work, opportunities for learning, development path, access to ascension and happiness in life'. Through 'value guidance, knowledge edification and organizational strengthening', we can create a team of outstanding talents with a sense of mission, responsibility and creativity, and realize the strategic objectives of the company.


    Moral integrity

    Virtue is the base of talent and career; Foundation of honesty and credit by virtue of upright people and cultivation of benevolence by virtue of kind. Nanjing Leying pays attention to honesty and morality, and chooses talents and values morality.



    Only by lifting, employing people according to their abilities, and doing their best. Excellent talents with ability to create value, promote progress and improve efficiency are valuable wealth for enterprise development. Through the process of selecting, using, educating and retaining talents, we can allocate the right people to the right posts and tap and develop the potential and wisdom of talents. Provide sufficient development space and career platform for outstanding talents.



    Seek the truth of all things and act with respect. In short, knowing by doing means gaining true knowledge through practice. Nanjing Leying pays attention to the training and exercise of employees in practical work. Through skills training, work experience, value shaping and cultural inheritance, it guides employees to seek 'the truth of value creation, spiritual sublimation and self-transcendence' in 'action'. Intelligence is good when action and knowledge are in one.


    Grow up

    Joint growth of employees and companies is the talent development concept of Nanjing Leying. It has constructed the personnel training and promotion mechanism of 'development path, promotion channel', and built a multi-dimensional staff growth platform covering management, technology, marketing, etc. To realize value in creation, happiness in work and happiness in life, and to realize employees’ dream of life from good to excellence.


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